Results of the day
1Markus Emanuelsson39.78
2Dirk Jan Knol38.93
3Anders Bjorkqvist38.78
4Daniel Borgelind38.62
5Markus Tauber37.35
6Nick Vardalachos37.22
7Ulf Breselius36.97
8Mick Born36.07
9Johan Gelander35.86
10Baard Bendiksen35.43
11Baard Bendiksen35.43
12Baard Bendiksen35.38
13Adrian Kezele35.16
14Robert Stavnas34.63
15Johan Huitema31.73
16Henrick Schill25.41

Karpathos and Paradise Bay is a place that you Love and Hate, today there was no Love!

2 runs and ended my second with a nasy catapult that hurt alot and I borke my harnesshook of stainless steel!!

I hurst to crash big in + 36kn:-(

At last a 2s over 40!!!! And it happened on the big speedboard; SP 53 and my smallest sail; 5.7. I had a hard time getting in on the course with the SP44 but with the SP53 my line become much better. It´s true whath they say about Karpathos; you both hat it and love it. Right now I feel mostly love ;)

Only in the afternoon on the water, not so much wind. I was able to catch a few gusts with pretty good speeds.

Yuhu, the first fortyknot on my gps!!!

A great day, but no flow in the sailing, had a bad spinout and bailed in 41 knots but I was hooked in, thanks Daniel who helped me ashore.

Sailed also SP53 with tectonics

and SL55

äntilgen lite trim på 6,2an !!!!

Härlig dag, fick rätt på trimmet på 6.3an... Och nytt PR på max mm.. :-)

once again my top run is not showed in the software...i guess i have to find another gps or someone to do the right settings.....anyway it was nice to be back in the water after saturday's bad luck and tune the 6.2 ......gusty and shifting all the time but fun as it should always be....

Broke 40 knots limit 3 weeks before turning 40!


Date 10 Aug 

Sessie 60: Crashdag!! Even wennen hier op Karpathos hoor...