Results of the day
1Pete Young39.1
2Kev Greenslade37.86
3Stephen Corps36.89
4Lee Spencer32.94
5Gavin Nicholson30.91
6Griff Halliwell28.2

found it very difficult today, learnt a lot including the fact that I have lost a hell of a lot of fitness, I did about 1 run every 30mins with a long slow walk back. Think I may have to take up running to get fit againat this rate. 

When I first got out I was totally out of control and nearly gave up, but I am determined to get healthy and strong again so I carried on. Then towards the end when I was on my last legs I had a couple of good runs.

An epic day's sailing at Portland. Found it hard at first, not enough downhaul! Then had a really good session breaking a few PB's. Then when the tide dropped and the wind really picked up. It became a bit much for me and when I got back to the OTC, people were launching with 3.7's!! (50 knot gusts on the wall).

Full respect to the Portland Pirates who were absolutley flying, was great to watch the guys doing 40 knots in tough conditions.

Happy with the new PB and first time over 33 knots.


Went out with Kev in the morning and used my 90l slalom because i whimped out of sailing back on a smaller board. It was nice though and was getting decent peaks but I was probably a knot off kevs average when he went on to work. I then went to my trusty old 80 and did my best run as he drove off, sorry Kev.

  From then on I managed to get some nice runs in. it was always too broad, but the set up was like an ironing board and the actual run was like an ice rink its just  strange how it felt like torture! LOL.


Love the Avatar Gavin. lol

Comments later.

It happens sometimes, it was too windy!