Results of the day
1Pete Young35.3
2Anthony Barber31.65
3Lea Spencer M31.2
4Norman Petty29.77
5Griff Halliwell28.05
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Nice session today, wasnt going to go but forced myself. Still aching from yesterday in places that shouldnt ache. Did a few great gybes but too wide for the alpha, they were after downwind runs.

Quite pleased with the score as I wasnt really trying today, I wanted to go for an hour but after 15mins realised I still cant. Maybe next time after a break.

A late lunchtime splash and dash. A bit too southerly to be able to sail close in.

6 runs, so had 1 to discard.

Annual outing for the old AHD...still feels nice!

Average wind direction 205

Nice to see the strikers get a day on the water defo better than a picket line! but some of us had to work today to keep the country running. LOL