Results of the day
1Nick Vardalachos40.73
2Ian Richards40.45
3Will Trossell38.73
4Pete Davis38.37
5Mark Hayford38.2
6Darren Mathers37.83
7Stuart Trunkfield37.7
8Zara Davis37
9Mark Bailey36.66
10Adrian Wallis35.08
11Dave Strudwick34.97
12Johnny Walker34.76
13Gavin Nicholson33.68
14Chris Etchells31.19
15Rob Morgan29.03
16Dawn Yasmin Brown27.64

Nice afternoons session. Pretty warm considering its nearly Christmas. Very gusty and was hard trying to find any down wind gusts, but the gusts alsway seemed to find me on the upwind runs:( Never once felt fully powered up and 10 knots more wind would have been usefull, so Im happy with the speeds for these conditions.

Nice easy fun session:)


Well Done Dawn...... Time for a real speed board and some proper fins now me thinks 30Knots......35Knots......40Knots....... ;) You should talk to Ian Richards about the F2 Missile XS would suit you great..... really easy board to sail.

Great days sailing, more wind would have been nice but the conditions we had were ideal for experimenting with things like the approach, bearing off into the chop at the end of the course and I even had a couple of runs at the end of the day with a weight jacket just to get used to the feeling.

fun session, no wind to shout about, ended up playing on slalom kit.


Ante afou phres kefali, halali sou wink

fatous reeeeee  nikola!!!!!! ;-)cool

Good to get out again and nice to see everyone. Couldn't quite get going today - the wind just wasnt there but a fun session.

The wind didn't live up to the forecast but it was great to finally get to West Kirby.

Good day at WK not fast as the wind was a bit square and the gusts didn't last long. Well done Nick from Greece, flew in just for the weekend!

Good session at WK I was underpowered on the 5.5, I should have gone to the 6.2 Simmer SCR but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Great to see everyone out and thanks to Andy for some great pictures of the day.

Very good conditions for a first timer at West Kirby. The 35 knot barrier was the target and missed by 0.06 knot which was frustrating. Although it was great to sail up there and an excellent experience. More wind next time please.

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