Results of the day
1Pete Young32.24
2Griff Halliwell30.51
3Lee Spencer30.37
4Rob King28.58
5Chris Humphries27.66
6Paul Arnold25.95
7Paul Arnold25.95
8Norman Petty25.24

got powered up once before wind died , once or twice more would have been nice.

Doesnt look like the new board has slowed me down. First 5x10 average above 30 on a 111l board. Horrbile conditions with the wind up and down all the time from west to wnw

One sweet run produced another 33 knot max just before the wind died and I had to swim. Max display 33.58 knots.

not very nice wind today quite gusty went big and got it wrong ,hanging on in the gusts must remember big is not always best  

just joined 2012 british gps speed champions so reposted my session today should be fun

Posted in case the rest of January proves fruitless.  Session noted for the wind veering 20 deg and dropping, resulting in a bit of waterstarting floundering, a walk back...and a violent tummy reaction to the swallowed sea water.  Can only get better!!