Results of the day
1Jim Crossley45.08
2Ian Richards44.37
3Pete Davis41.22
4David Willows41.06
5Zara Davis40.99
6David Williams40.27
7Jon White39.7
8Chris Bates39.51
9Michael George38.71
10Alan Jones32.95

Finaly got over the fact that I missed the WK session on the 3rd Jan after this classic session.  PB Max and average!  Totaly stoked!  Kit felt great today...the moo just cruzes over the chop and the north felt solid and changed to the upper clew position for extra power.

Epic result Jim, not so long ago that would have been all time top 10!

Wells just wasn't windy enough, glad I went for a look, but maybe not so happy now I've seen you pair getting pb's! Good stuff though, this has to surely be the best run of wind and results ever...

so is there a Moo on order Ian? :)

Another great day @ the Kirb !   PB's flying all ova the place....I know Jon W has well & truly smashed 40knots plus Zara on averages but Jim Crossley takes the day flying down the wall on his MOO.

For me... I'm off t' builders yard for some more lead coz 6kg just aint enough.



Another good day if a little dissapointed about not going faster but at least im starting to feel like im a little bit in control some of the time.

Another big thank you to the crew for the help and advise and making a retard in shorts feel so welcome :-)

My first speed session since the October 6th last year, excluding the mental day of 2s runs in December!

The session started pretty well with my speeds increasing as the wind picked up. When some decent winds finally kicked in, I crashed badly and sprained my wrist. This made sailing dificult for the remainder of the session, especially when getting going and my speeds were pretty awful at the start of the course. I didn't go any faster when the conditions were at their best... something of a shame because given two good arms I might have sailed better!

Congrats to those who set big PBs, especially those who broke 5 x 10s barriers; Jim >45 knots, Dave and Zara for their first 40 knot averages. Good stuff after so little time back on a windsurfer!

Well done guys! Kirby is one off the best speedstrips in the world. An ESM soon?

Well worth the drive,  Great to see everybody. Sorry to Cath and Paul for not making their dinner hope you all had a great night. Look forward to Cath's cooking next time its legendary. well done to Zara for taking Womens GPS speedsailing well into the 40's. Well done to all the guys who set PB' s especially Jim who was flying and Dave who is a very fast guy on a kite and is acieving some impressive speeds on a board.

Great day for me new PB and putting womens GPS speedsailing on the map! Thanks to all the guys at WK for all their support and sorry we missed Cath and Pauls dinner, next time for sure.

Congrats Zara !!! Many men will have a bad night tonight ;-) Keep on going !!


Woop, Woop. My first session and first PB ever , before recording some great new PB's on Chris Bates Video cambera. 

dunno what is going on-GPS results used to process and then upload-thanks to MVM

good day but the whole pm was underpowered on 5.1

look forward to another chance


I'm one happy boy! Thank you so much to Chris Bates for letting me use his Thommen and Alaster for letting me use his 8kg weight jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!! The jacket made the biggest difference so I guess I really do need to eat more pies


Deleted old post and put back on so I could be part of the British GPS challenge