Results of the day
1Pete Young37.75
2Kev Greenslade35.65
3Lee Spencer31.88
4Jim Brake31.26
5Mark Matthews30.63
6Paul Arnold28.84
7Griff Halliwell28.68
8Chris Pankhurst 24.48
9Scotty Stallman17.16

Awesome morning, gusting 35 kts!

Really like the Exocet RS2 with the Black Project 32cm Type S. Didnt spin out once, and had some hairy runs out over the chop. Pleased with how close my peak and 10s are together, along with 6 alphas over 20knots.....think I have only done 3 over 20 before in total!!!

Wrong fin choice, and could'nt be bothered to change as water soon disappeared!

Nice to have some wind again

very nervouse today with the high tide still trying to sort out water starting 

tried out the new hawk today very nervouse on its protential performance as the falcon 111 was crap for me  

very surprised  and i am really looking foward to more sessions on it  not like the falcon which was a mistake 

very surprised on how my free wave and the hawk can be so far apart when if you put them together there is little in it  for shape and size  but there is certainly some difference when they are ridden in the water  

im sure i did an alpha at warp speed but never got back to my start    never mind

bad start with tide but happier when gone down a bit but became more choppier  

wow second time out on falcon and another pb ,i chickened out on my 6.3 ram went for the 5.7 ice which is'nt cambered instead ,

i think even my gps is laughing at me now but i will get a smaller cambered sail soon still trying with the jibes now i know what to do a bit too gusty for me  today but i did get 1 @ 250 meters which came up on gps results at 15 knots but its not showing here

good day overall did,nt get chance to have a go on my mates new hawk run out of water but definately next time if he lets me

Early start should have gone quicker. Struggled with fitness and strength, But nice to have some wind C3 fin sticks like shit to a blanket when powered up good fun all in all. Fair play to The Matrix on the hour and going back out with El Reg..........

At last.. such a long wait for some wind!

Went for the freeride option as it'd been such a long time since I sailed, well pleased to top 30 knots on the freestylewave board with a wave sail... on port tack too!