Results of the day
1Pete Young38.62
2Stephen Corps37.53
3Jim Crossley36.87
4Lee Spencer34.91
5Jim Brake34.71
6Anthony Barber34.29
7Neil Hackett33.68
8Mark Matthews32.95
9Duncan Adam31.47
10Robert Heritage25.03
11Scotty Stallman20.28

Fastest run was 1/3 into session, then the wind picked up but I stuck it out on the 6.6. When Pete was using a 6.3 I know I should have changed down but also knew that when my feet touched dry land again I would not go out so braved it for another hour.

Very happy! So close to 34 with my 500m, and also 35 with my 5x10. My 10sec were nearly always within a knot of peak. 11 runs over 35,  23 over 34! Stoked isnt the word :-D

Amazing day at Portland, I think there will be alot of PB's today!!

Gutted somehow managed to break a boom and put a hole through my 5.8m after about 20 minutes which ruined my day as such, rigged the 6.3 and was totally overpowered throughout couldn't really hold it down and when you see others on on same board and sail size packing extra weight its a bit worrying.

Such a shame i wrecked my 5.8  i am sure i could of upped my average and max pb's by enough to be very happy with myself but we will never know.

Very impressed with the bus's sailing just goes to show practice practice practice will be good to see his times..............

Crash of the day goes to Tris, manoeuvre of the day goes to The Bus for trying to sail up the beach and Best party trick Camel for his little jumps on the upwind slog...........

trying hard to get over 40k bloody hard!!!

A good day with the 5.8m, could probably have pushed it a bit more wiht the 6.4m

What a cracking day!

Well pleased with todays shift on the falcon 80.

Finnished the day on the Falcon speed 51 with sling shot 25. 2nd time out and still haven't found the keys.

The road is long...

Cheers to you all

Excellent day, very gusty, very windy, really enjoyable!

Great day at Portland.  Leaned a lot about my kit and tried new things.  So close to joining the Portland 40 knot club with 39.9 on the GPS but there is the trick of Portland...its not an easy thing to do. Maybe If I hadn't left my weight jacket at home!....actualy had 52 knots on the GPS but despite wishful thinking its a spike!

The wind was so gusty..maybe the most gusty I ever see Portland so going fast was more about finding the right gust than sailing speed.

The 51 Speed was good today but also sailed the F79 with 29 Crossfire.  I think I have a new favorite board!  Also loves the Select on every point of sail and always felt safe.

This is a Portland PB for me by around 1.5 knot average and 3 knots peak...happy the improvements in kit and my practice is showing with what I would say, quite a large improvement in speed.