Results of the day
1Farrel O Shea40.33
2Mark Bailey38.12
3Mark Hayford37.76
4Steve Thorp37.43
5Chris Bates36.64
6Alastair Nichol35.82
7Steve Thorp29.48

West Kirby at its squarest, and very gusty. Super flat because of the wind direction. Good fun, but not fast. Used the Contour Roam again, will upload to youtube later to see how it came out:) 

It was obvious we was'nt gonna get any real speeds in today with it being WSW so I slapped a large fin in & tryed to PB on my alpha's.   Thought I had it with some really fast gybes but I was outside  50m. 

Got some good loving going on with my new Simmers !



The wind was square and gusty, the water was super flat. I got three 40kt+ peaks on the dial but not quite enough to get any 40kt 10 second runs in. A better angle could have made all the difference - ah well next time ! Good practice anyway on a square course.

Late afternoon and we have a big f**k off council truck parked ON THE WALL about half way down the course. I'm on a run doing just over 35kts about 2-3 yards from the wall expecting a bit of a 'flutter' as I sail into the wind shadow from the truck. Next minute - WHAM, I'm not really sure what happened other than my speed dropped to zero in the blink of an eyelid and I take a big tumble :-( Lesson learned - never underestimate the wind shadow from big f**k off council trucks !!


So was it worth being stuck in traffic on the M6 and a 2 hr drive taking 4 1/2 hours to West Kirby.... Hell Yeah. Rigged up my new 2012 5.8m KA Koncept and on my first run a new PB max speed of 38.93 knots :-D

Earlier sessions. Had the 2012 SCR 6.2 out for the first time, and a new TeXtreme MooK4 23 symmetrical fin for the first time too. Both felt great, the new sail looks beautiful rigged. A lot of the runs were on my waveboard too but not sure which are which.

Fastest peak was on the wrong tack heading back to the car park.. pretty square then!

Simmer Quantum quad, 5.0 Blacktip, four k4 asymetric plastic quad fins. 32 knot max!