Results of the day
1Lee Spencer30.45
2Norman Petty26.14
3Chris Pankhurst 24.19
4Paul Arnold23.63
5Scotty Stallman22.16

Wind picked up as I got tired, nice to be out another day

With a falling tide..decided to improve on mile speed for this year.   Job done...but can do better!! 

Awesome session, borrowed some really cool kit, from the one and only....thanks for all your help and my new pb's!!

where to start  Met scotty and Andy for the first time  today and looks like im going to beaten by  a ten year old  very shortly  ! very nice 

been told off  by my mate for takeing one of the olimpic security frigates out for a ride (133 rrd td ) Get that  thing off the water  now !       ok ok ok 

Then went out on new Hawk ltd today for seconed time  it was incredable  very behaved and suits my  abilities very well 

Im now legal in harbour for fees  !        iv been ear marked 

nice relaxed session today got old faithful out for a spin . i needed comfort after yesterdays poor proformance , my mate got out his usual barge for light wind i suggested that he might like to try another one of his arsenal ,and he did and beat my ass in the process all hail the hawk .well done to scotty who i saw today another pb .