Results of the day
1Ian Richards33.06
2Neil Hackett28.83
3Norman Petty27.98
4Rob King27.97
5Duncan Adam27.32
6Paul Arnold27.23
7Anthony Barber25.96
8Scotty Stallman20.33

managed a session after taking wife shopping (penance for buying new board ) started the same not much wind but got better and better and i got tired er and tired er three days in a row starting to show should have done a few more runs though not using my brain could have got a good average tonight, boards nice as well

Lovely sunny day at the Salty Lake.  Started out on the Isonic 111 but soon changed down to Isonic 86 as the wind increased.   Good direction for general sailing but too crowded and lumpy for decent speeds.  Clocked up a few miles and stuck out an hour being bounced around..both best this year!!

Couldn't get any decent speeds up, busy day.

Nice to visit the west country again, seems more kiters here than ever and some of them are pretty dangerous, liking the 2012 Simmer 7m.. looking forward to speedsailing with it rather than slaloming round kiters.... thanks for putting me up camel... nice Curry :)