Results of the day
1Pete Young35.36
2Pete Young34.95
3Paul Arnold28.9
4Norman Petty28.85
5Griff Halliwell26.42
6Scotty Stallman24.14
7Scotty Stallman20.99

Early session...on both Black Project S type 32cm and Casper 29cm fins.  Similar speeds from both, but the S type felt very lifty on bearing away. Would have liked to have tried a smaller size.  Wind not as forecast...really up and down and even went ballistic during a rain squall!

Probably a little underpowered most of the time with 5.8.

I thought the wind had died and then had my 2 fastest runs for the day, I still didn't trust that it wasn't going to disappear so called it a day.

quick blast with norman this morning.

nice session bit gusty at start but soon settled in using my 5.8 ram for the first time ,finally on small kit felt good ,bit of a bugger going up wind on 30 cm fin i think 32 cm would be better .wind seemed to drop off a bit should have changed up but was having too much fun . smiley

combined early and late sessions