Results of the day
1Pete Young33.6
2Stephen Corps31.72
3Lee Spencer30.91
4Mark Matthews28.8
5Rob King27.62
6Scotty Stallman23.23

Decided to put one in for the team with the bus, nice.

Starting to get fit again (Slowly!!!) 3rd session on the water since having surgery on my hands,must admit getting stronger but left hand just not quite right.


couldnt get settled today, first few runs were fine if a little overpowered out in the low tide chop, tried changing fin down to 32cm Type S and cranked on some more downhaul, think I over did the amount of downhaul as then I felt underpowered for most of the rest of the session apart from when the squalls came through. Fin was too small so went back on the 35 type S. Not happy with my speeds today, I expect more now!