Results of the day
1Pete Young35.51
2Stephen Corps33.58
3Lee Spencer31.69
4Anthony Barber31.59
5Jim Brake30.95
6Norman Petty30.53
7Mark Matthews30.31
8Griff Halliwell30.24
9Paul Arnold28.53
10Scotty Stallman23.89

Shouldn't of sailed today!!!!

Paying for it now............

Couldnt get settled today until right at the end, run in was the fastest a long way.

The pirates were out in force this afternoon and evening hopefully we should have scored some decent points!

Fun in the sun!!

disapointed to be fair struggled in the gusts again ,getting  use to it by the time it was getting dark

typical , still a bit battle sore from sunday i think but nice session .


Waves yesterday, flat today

Windsurfers rule this afternoon....square, windy and sunny.   Lucky @500 for a new PB!!