Results of the day
1Pete Young34.67
2Stephen Corps33.58
3Lee Spencer32.42
4John Kennedy31.12
5Mark Matthews30.72
6Matthew Spooner30.31
7Matthew Spooner30.31
8Paul Arnold28.71
9Chris Humphries27.03
10Scotty Stallman25
11Chris Pankhurst 24.07

hit a rock in harbour same rock as last snapped my fi clean off again   When i finished today it felt like it was my arms that got cut off

bit  bumpy  at low tide conditions prob better at high  my nautical mile alpha showed 18.66 not happy that  my alpha shows lower 

It felt like iv been sailing along a railway track on the sleepers 

im happy with my gibe speeds

 considering the wind speed overall  the sessions a disgrace !

Lots of PBs on this kit, best of which was 33.8 through the chop before the water returned.

First 34+ run was good, followed it with 4 nice wipeouts at 33+knots and realised I was a bit tired.

A selfish idiot (where I say idiot, I mean something far more offensive but there are children about) ruined 2 of my runs for alphas, both of which were mid nmi! I will start wearing my helmet if it keeps happening and just close my eyes.

Good day but low water so had to sail long way out and the waves slowed the top speed.  Pleased with the new fin - its faster and should see new PB when I next hit really flat water.

late turn out had to take mrs shopping her birthday good job its only once a year ,decided to go big tonight good job i was happy with that i think i could have squeezed a couple more knots out of my runs got to sort out my technique me thinks felt comfortable tonight in gusts

Had a big crash early on so sat out low water before man-ing up for a late afternoon session, some of the deepest runs I've ever down and was rewarded with terror and good times - happy days, just about makes up for the black eyes from earlier!