Results of the day
1Jurjen van der Noord43.67
2Serge Beumer43.17
3Peter Volwater42.82
4Dirk Jan Knol42.57
5Ferdinand Rikkers40.85
6Gerlof Hansma40.68
7Dylan de Jong40.08
8Anne Evert van der Veen39.4
9Johan Huitema39.27
10Patrick Oberlender39.04

nice speed session, been a while. struggling a little to find my tune, I wanted to take the 51 speed but I forgot to take those fins so I was hoping for the wind to get a bit stronger for the 45. Board was on the small side and it seemed very bumpy, flat waer only for a short while and the wind was very broad. had a fun session just not a pr kind of day. maybe next time! was picturing my sandwich in the car during the  walk back :-) that helped.

Sessie 104; Na een wel heel moeizaam begin, liepen de laatste 5 runs erg mooi. Oh ja, Duitsland was ook vertegenwoordigd op de baan. Met de surfcrew nog ff heerlijk gezongen in de Wielen!

Nice session, the wind was not so strong and the tide was a bit too high.

Tryed for the first time the mxr weed speed 22, amazing, it gives the board so much control and stability very nice. I like the fin!!!

The second and tirth run where with the mxr rockstar. Thanks Martin! The board is really flying, next time I whant to give it a try a bit longer laugh. Nice testing session.

Nice testing dat @ The Brace. Tried my Custom Speedboard. Although the wind wasn't strong this board is fast. I think its capable of records. Let's hope the rider is capable of setting records also.

The board is really small, but because of the special shape its fast in low wind also. It felt like the waves disappeard. The MxR 18 Ufo Asy felt great also. It gives a lot of confidence and accelarates very good.

The beer afterwards tasted great. 


When we were at the spot I decidded to check the behaviour of the fins in combination with Jurjen's board. As he is preparing for Luderitz I wanted to be sure the fins he got a working like planned. I feel it was a good decision. To finalize the day I did two runs on my 5.5 and the Asy 18, one of them over 80. I deliberately rigged that sail to feel how the 18 responds to that sail and think we are on the right track with our fins for top Luderiz riders who are in support of our little baby's.

Vandaag waren het niet mijn omstandigheden, erg moeilijk aanvaren. Dit  kwam omdat de baan er wel erg ruim bij lag. Ook was he maar kort goed, want het water kwam al snel weer omhoog.sad

Na afloop nog even lekker nagetafeld met een aantal herensmiley


Eerste helft van de sessie ging klote, baan te ruim en aldoor spinouts, tweede helft de slingshot 23 er onder gezet, de baan werd beter en ook geen spinouts meer, de runs gingen steeds beter, de laatste was de snelste, ik dacht nog een paar mooie runs te kunnen maken, maar 20 minuten na laag was het al weer gebeurt, het water kwam erg snel op en het was niet meer vertrouwt om runs te maken.

First time @ the brace.....

more later. !

Update  track Serge: track under investigation. Roger sent it to the tech group as well. So far Roger ended up at 79.95 average i.s.o. the 79.88 I manually posted. As soon as tech group confirms  I will repost the session.



Checked session. mXr Asy 18 is awesome. Wanted to sail it with 5.6 as I only tried them in conditions that were too light for the 44cm board and 18cm asy fin. Even when we only had best gusts of about 30 kts which is nothing very special, I've seen a piece of the true speed potetial and a confirmation of the very secure behaviour at high speeds. Fastest run and highest peak with the smallest  sail of the pack....But I'm sure we haven't seen anything yet!!