Results of the day
1Mark Matthews31.8
2Chris Humphries30.39
3Marcus Stevens29.42
4Paul Arnold28.87
5Norman Petty28.74
6Chris Humphries27.82
7David Laird27.32

wind quite up and down today, good when rain squalls came through

Autumn has set in...balaclava dug out rom the bottom of the box!   Enjoyable sail on the Isonic 86..gusty which unfortunately left me floundering at times during the hour session.

After being prompted thought why not do an hour? So i fell in the trap! I haven't managed to sail for distance or hour for a very long time but i thought lets give it a go hands must be ok by now.....



Great session with 3.5 hrs on the water - arms feel a foot longer now.

Tried different downhaul, outhaul and batten tensions but still cant get 10 sec runs up.

Need a Warp I think!

bit of a cock up of sail choice today went big to start on 7.0 ram but was knackering me out and overpowering in gusts

so i changed to 5.8 ram which was great to start no problem on control first run over 30 knots 2 sec felt good but alas wind was up and down struggled to repeat ,

6.3 sail was in the car uhhh im learning . very nice session managed to miss the rain

fun speed sailing

Wow what a day - its the best I've ever had at Portland! The new sail is definitely faster than the X type and more stable especially when the wind really picked up.  On one run it was really fast and man my muscles were screaming at the end!

Pretty please with that one and inching up my overall speed....