Results of the day
1Pete Young37.41
2Pete Young37.41
3Stephen Corps34.48
4Lee Spencer33.77
5Mark Matthews32.3
6Johnny Walker31.85
7John Kennedy31.6
8Marcus Stevens30.25
9Rob King30.13
10Paul Arnold29.68
11David Laird28.01
12Chris Pankhurst 26.05
13Scotty Stallman25.84

Wind has turned to proper south west  today after lots of southerly lately. First go with tush X15, seemed to be plagued with spinout today. Good fun in the gusts.

Great to be back out and see many of the usuals tearing up the strip. Warm water, with a few heavy down pours. Expect there will be some very good speeds from all today

Pleased with a PB alpha

1st time out with my new 6.4 x-15 and so close to new PB's,bit of tuning needed(and work on technique :-))

Got one run that was proper on fire scared the shit out of me to be honest straight out through the chop a little bit to far from the beach and very bumpy for my liking bit of a tank slapper. Very happy with Nm in the harbour strange because it was quite smooth and a totaly different way of achieving it. Same start and finish point just a different way of getting there.

Come to realise i need to knuckle down to go faster and not play so much.....


thought id try some gybe practice today so did'nt cam up happy with results

,had some strong gusts today fittness let me down puffing like an old man after 30 mins  think my diet of bailey's chocolates arnt helping well it's nearly christmas

got better later but knackering nice to get out had some of normans stinging type rain though

Squally day at Weymouth, but more wind than I was expecting and quite square as the promised SSW never quite materialised.

Loads of other speedies out, not too cold and good fun.

Gusty and changeable day at Portland but got some PB's so happy, small steps and some smaller fins required. I reckon there should be some good posts as there were plenty of GPS mitherers out.

Great to see Simon H make the trip up with Jonny and get out at portland again! real shame he had gps problems.

Sadly this was  my last ever session on the trusty old falcon 104l what a great board, shes off to a new home now,  have fun Joe!

As whatever i do  i cannot get the edit function to work this is a re-post with the correct materials.