Results of the day
1Tony Burgess35.68
2Andy Holland35.16
3Matthew York33.86
4Adrian Howes33.09
5Tristan Haskins32.49
6Mungo Sheppard32.44
7Dave Moore30.64

Well done pretty well everyone but ME !!!

Tony Burgess ! Massive PB

Andy Holland - rock solid

Matt - fastest run in the wrong direction - :-)

Not sure if the Moo Assy like running too close to the wind - but no excuses - just didn't feel right today 

Wind was lighter than forcast but still good fun with a new PB and a good crowd there too, started off fairly square then as tide filled in I found one bit of lovely smooth water just before the wind shadow and managed to smash my previous max.  

Ps - Well done Dave Moore - PB !!! Good job

Great crowd at the beach, wind wasn't as strong or broad as hoped.

Well done Tony with the top speed of the day,one day we'll get the day we are all hoping for at Wells ! 

Yes we will. And we'll all go home with PB's and smiles. :-)


wells on sea ,the place has potenial !! what more can i say :)

more wind and a bit more north it could have been epic , still was a great day though

good crew down there ,tris ,andy ,tony ,mungo to name a few , great place ,easy walking distance

no pbs for me , but my best run was the wrong way  :)port tack ,course is starboard

awesome fun . until next time wells :)


ps top man of the day tony burgess , well done chap new pb too :)