Results of the day
1Pete Young34.56
2Lee Spencer32.88
3Stephen Corps31.77
4Jim Brake30.52
5Paul Arnold27.69
6Chris Humphries27.51
7Joe Adams26.47
8Scotty Stallman25.83
9Chris Pankhurst 24.77
10Chris Pankhurst 22.04

I'm so unfit, had to stop after every 2 runs for a 5 minute breather!!!

No good!

If the aches I have right now get any worse I dont think I will be out in the morning! One bad crash that meant I had to restart the hour, if I had bore off with the gust that hit me I would have a pb peak!

Good blast but should have had the 7.3 up - where was the force 7-8?


few problems today in and out f the water  Riding with the FLEW so needed to stay out of the water then just as i set up gps to lock it . It decides to change my nationality ? to Russian ( i think  )so with me trying to read Russian or what ever  and desperate to go i says to hell with it and ill be Russian today  then not reading Russian very well  i thought it was off but wasnt and tracked me home  and now im trying to delete what i dont want and i think iv deleted my best speed  30 knots of coarse ! any way enjoyed a very flat water cold session although it was warm  im sure scotty must have had me today as i was not raceing myself just survivIng    Happy Christmas  to all  you  Weymouth wet ,cold , and foggy today  wind surfers 

tried my ass off to get 30 today i know now i had to go bigger but come on that felt windy enough just missed a squall as i was packing up ah well nice christmas session , and a message to chris ????? ????? ??????????? GPS, ? ???? ???????  , by the way new van is amazing yeah you heard right check it out !

came down to try my wet suit  out unusual direction to play,(Not many out )went on aircraft carrier again till pete and paul put 2 rifle sights on me from there vans and had to get hawk out  for last ten minites  and  i really just done gybe homework  but it was warmer with new suit so liked it but not much better on hawk due to me  and tired by then