Results of the day
1Kev Greenslade36.4
2Jim Crossley36.34
3Stephen Corps36.02
4Lee Spencer35.11
5Simon Hinkley34.97
6Mark Matthews34.07
7Jim Brake33.88
8Johnny Walker33.69
9Dave Strudwick33.08
10Norman Petty32.72
11Tom Wells31.97
12David Laird31.63
13Duncan Adam31.29
14Scotty Stallman25.03

Great end to the year. Congrats to all today especially Swagger. Have a great evening and see you all soon

2012 goes out with a bang....wind and plenty of it!   Bumpy on the course (quite a bit of south in the wind), but still managed to keep it together resulting in some pleasing results.  Good few out, considering the heavy rain...nice to see!  Liking the X-15 sails!!

Sometimes Portland harbour can be very frustrating....looked a great forcast so managed to get some bonus time from the wife.  Very gusty and difficiult conditions.  Packed up after a short time.

Shoud of done better today, but just could not get it to go! 

Happy New to you all

What a great way to see out the year with some proper good wind.

Well what a way to end the year pb on the max, waited 3 years and 2 months for this in the harbour and i am buzzing! Got a great gust to light it right up for the max but 10's no good what so ever needed a bigger sail than i was using but i would have got nailed upwind!

But nice to see Simon and Johnny make the treck up the coast hope they got home safe? wind and rain must have made it horrific on the way home.


Wow what a weird wind. Very shift and gusty. A big version of Stithians lake in effect.

Looked very good when Johnny and i gor there so after trying to engineer that is the rigging of a vapor. I tried the escape small slalom. Way too small for the gusty conditions and it half killed me sailing it with my fat arse on it.

Went to the AB+ which was better, but i was shot by then. My arms feel like wood atm.

Nice seeing the Portland boys again. One day I may get to meet Lea :) Next time!

Happy new year!

Portland, England, GB 

A good way to finish the year off.

Sorry for the late post, What a winter of wind so far and long may it continue!! Happy New Year!!