Results of the day
1Lee Spencer31.09
2Mark Matthews30.36
3Pete Young29.88
4Paul Arnold26.59
5David Laird24.27
6Scotty Stallman24.03
7Chris Pankhurst 21.64

Went for an hour today slightly underpowered to start then filled in nicely, little bit gutted but it was a bonus sail only had 2 hours before i had to go home and look after the children!

Lots of white horses at 8.45....and white fingers! Rigged and they vanished for the first 30mins or so, was determined to get an hour out of the way so kept going and the wind came back. Strange winds today, either it was windy in the middle, or at either end but not at the same time.

It was definitely cold today. Took my vintage Astro Rock for a ride as it was a light wind and I wasn't keen on falling in.

looks like i missed the party , but it was a nice relaxed session all the same

David, you were going really well on that old board!

Paul there was no party, wind was on and off all morning, but it was more off than on when you got there

rolled up as wind was stopping        early bird catches the worm   pleasant ride on 7.9 cam in no wind   For some reason had no grip on boom  fingers were still lubed up ?!

 i  was the last one out,  no wind left , and still sticky fingers  !  prefer to travel long way for  wind if predicted  !