Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout43.15
2Brian Rogild41.81
3Wouter de Vries41.24
4Anders Boje39.12
5Jean-marc Degrelle38.3
6Michel Meijer37.87
7Willem Jan Heutink37.19
8Henrik Carstens35.6
9Gino Van Mieghem33.61
10Kristien De Jaeck26.28

One day of Franqui after a week of snowboarding in the Alps. Didn't surf for at least 3 months so I was rusty in the beginning and it stayed that way. Wind was up and down and square. but had a lot of fun blasting down the line. Thanks guys for the great day.

Good timing to have a tramontana with good temperatures in easter weekend. Some delay in Paris cost us 15 minutes and we had to put some gasoil in the car after 1000km. Rest of the trip without problems. Wind was not strong enough to beat the George Laker Selection ( crew, but i didn't expect anything after the Indian stories about sandbanks. Actually there where only 2 sandbanks at the waterpump and rest of course was perfect. Will put some @500 headcam movies on facebook later today.

Somehow it didn't go faster. Had a couple close encounters with some suddenly appearing waves...

great session with tourists! ;p

square,I arrived at the end of the day,

but 2 good hours! with almost warm temperature!

maybe tomorrow for a next one! :)



Struggled to find the right settings for the Evo V 5.4. At the end of the morning discovered that the harness line on the upwind side was to far back. Unfortunatly that cost me a lot of energy and a fully pumped left arm. After a short break I lacked confidence to push, something didn't feel right. Either the sail does need the 370 mast or it simply doesn't work with the JP 49. Will try it with the JP 45 next time. But can't complain, windsurfing in the Netherlands is a no go at the moment. Overhere we had loads of wind and nice temperatures, what more do you want?! Maybe tomorrow morning another session. But will have to see how I feel. At the moment completely wasted after six days of skiing/ snowboarding and one day speedsurfing.

Nice day in La Franqui, goot there a bit late, as the Dutch crew went on the water as we came, on and off windy, in the end very vindy but also waves and to square. Not really a fast day. Fun to sail first time with my danish friends and as alway fun with the Duties, see you next time.

First time in La Franqui, got there late and had to get used to board, sail, and fin setup. Wind was very much on and off and also a bit of waves. Additionally I went out on a too small setup, should've been on the 5.6 instead of the old 5.1