Results of the day
1Patrick Van Hoof41.1
2Jean-marc Degrelle40.51
3Sander van Huizen40.5
4Danny Verhaar39.77
5David Van der Veken39.08
6Michel Cyril38.56
7Patrick Oberlender37.61
8Gino Van Mieghem36.61
9Marcel Hooijmans36.54
10Richard Lutter36.45
11Koen Onderbeke36.35
12Wouter Liedenbaum36.31
13Frank Vanderhaeghen36.06
14Marie-Paule Geldhof33.19

a smell of north europe,

rainy all along the day and very cold,6 degres,brrr,

dutch people could let their weather at home! :))

however,we had fuckin' flat water,just too square,

quite regular in my runs,I need something to kick me higher!

after a big crash at the end of a run,I prefer to stop because of pain on my right foot.

it's always a big pleasure to sail with MISTER anders! 

Day 2 in La Franqui. Not the epic day we hoped for, but stil good wind and flat water. Course had to be a bit broader for top speeds. It was ******* ccccooooold, but still had a good time.

Nice day at la franqui! The water was flat with some good gusts. At the end the wind increased nicely. Now tired and hungry let's get a steak!!

Yes!! PR time....

In the morning underpowered with 5.6 and 53 liter.. but after lunch the wind pick up and up we go.

First time 80+ max on display and PR on more items, YES!!smiley

Thanks for the tuning my sail Sander, the sail feels superb.

Weather was rain and 6 degrees...

Sailed between Anders Bringdal, Pascal Makka, nice to see them fly on bare feets! 

wat een fantastise dag vandaag, met een pr van nautical mijl, van 53.97 naar 57.09.smiley

echter was mijn jp 54 wel aan de groote kant was want had relematig air time met dit setje.

ondanks dat ik een 23 cm delta eronder was het toch moeilijk om me vol down wind te gaan ik had niet de drive en controle om het board te laten slingshotten.


It was a Great day for me

Should have listened to my buddie Pat and should have switched to 5.0 but I was to frozen and low on energy to get back to the car.. It was a  F..... ING freezing cold session but nice testing day for the 20 asy that did really wel in the chop when I took a "flight" into the sea..
The 5.8 was less efficient today, I guess it was a little big for me and should have taken 5.0. The water was nicely flat today but could not find the wright stance on the board..
Great to see Anders Bringdal and Pascal Maka on the water, nice and crowdy but not to much.. Let the summer begin, PLEASE!! laugh

super nice session, a lot off wind.  conditions i like. 

Sail was performing great

Congratulations to all who had some PR's in thes conditions, well done


Frank you did a great job!! Also congrats to Danny and Marcel for their PR's. Nice windy day but way to cold for me! frown


Session dificile pour moi, avec quelques probleme de gps, et un run un peu carré a mon gout! équipé en aileron de petite taille et pas super bien avec ma 5.5, j'ai eu du mal a passer les 40 nds. en Vmax. Perdu l'habitude des cousoules ET DE SON RUN TRIBORD... je vais en faite presque aussi vite a  chaque foi a domicile sur le run du FFF SPEED CHALLENGE SUR MON home spot de FOS SUR MER.  En tout cas super plaisir de naviguer et de voir autant de monde a l'eau par ce froid de 5°c. Le run était super plat et on pouvais vraiment raser le bord de plage . super. on fera mieux la prochaine

Yeah !

first trip to la franqui after a long time of waiting for it :-(

We had three nice days with some dutch speedies!

for me it was the first time at la franqui!

thanks to dutuch guys and pat van hof for all the introductions into the spot.

had nice flat water but not the perfect angle :-(

it was cold and heros like pascal maka surfing without shoes...

bringdal was als very helpfully and told us a lot about lüderitz...


the new reflex4 are so powerfull :-)