1Pete Young58,16
2Lea Spencer M57,54
3Ian Richards55,69
4Marcus Stevens51,13
5Paul Arnold45,95
6Norman Petty44,4
7Scotty Stallman44,25
8Chris Pankhurst 40,97
Sessie tijden tabel: zichtbaar indien ingelogd en Premium member

weather was lovely could have pulled a pint on me board   i ll have to remind my self to make a bar and stools for it  then i can serve on the water 

otc  looked empty  !  looked more like the olimpics than the olimpics 

best day since last March hope we dont have to wait a year again ( comfort and sun that is not full on 40 knot wind blasting )

what a cracking afternoon , not a fan of big kit but worked out fine,  weather amazing  , definately want some more of that please 

yeah you right chris OTC looked very quiet , no sign of a celb  anywhere , saw some dodgey parking by some you know who you are ha ha 

Sunshine cruising....

Nice breeze and great weather, no good for speed but had some great drag racing across the harbour.  Went from being packed to deserted at about 5pm and the wind just kept going for a great evening sail.