Results of the day
1Pete Young31.07
2Paul Arnold26.79
3Lee Spencer26.11
4John Kennedy24.83
5Scotty Stallman24.31
6Chris Pankhurst 22.95

not as windy as exspected  but got out the 7.8. found this a challenge at first but  it went well 

untill i met scotty  i think he was on 9.5 or was it 5.9 or something 

had a little race to the end and back 

i couldnt catch him anyway ! unless id beared away but rather stick to same rought following  ( found this very interesting  5.9 warp and 7.8 x type  he was increasing his lead maginly  on same  board course )

scotty your  looking very profesional on the gibes 

nice session overall 

watched chris for about 2 hours enjoying himself ,rigged up 2 diferent sails too big then too small finally the wind made its mind up ,

and i managed to get the falcon out yahoo ,a few more knots and it would have been great

the old girl even let me gybe her happy with that

A nice test of the simmer monster mxr120, super easy to use and very enjoyable, also felt great with a big sail  and fin.

Should have rigged 9.4! boo 7.8 just was too small