Results of the day
1Wouter de Vries41.9
2Willem Jan Heutink41.61
3Manfred Malcorps40.86
4Patrick Oberlender40.27
5Raymond Wortel39.05

Started without a decent trim or nice feeling.

But run after run it became more stable.

TX to everybody for pointing out the dangerous points! cool

Marjon is already busy with the pictures!

2e sessie op de Brace in 3 dagen. Deze keer met een select gezelschap van 5 man, 1 fotograaf en 1 hond. Halverwege de sessie vond een schipper het een goed plan om midden in de run zijn boot te parkeren en ff 20 man te droppen voor een stukje wadlopen. Gevolg was dat een half uur lang de baan niet fatsoenlijk te gebruiken was terwijl op dat moment flink wat wind stond. Kreeg daarna de 75 runs er niet allemaal meer uit.

The good thing is that i found my trim back but the bad thing was that the wind didn't play ball untill the end and also some chop came roling in.

Another thing that didn't help was that there was a boat full of "wadwalkers" that needed to unload exactly on our course!!

second stop at the brace in three days :-)


not my day today :-(

decided to take my old pb board...

but this was a big fault!

never find a right set up....and feeling not comfortable....

also the fin was to small

joke of the day was the boat which stopped directly at the speed course...of course it was the only place for landing :-)


again realy friendly atmosphare and here for all my netherlands friends... how laughed today....for you

to the Camera women:-)

is there a chance to see the clips or videos or to get???



Pic's and video we be online tomorrow

Marjon and I are looking at it right now wink
Already found some nice shots from Manfred and Wouter!

Ok session again. This time after some while tuning was spot on, the wind just wasn't as strong as expected/hoped for.

Nice atmosphere with a small group.