Results of the day
1Ian Richards44.51
2Jim Crossley44.19
3Will Trossell43.73
4Andy Holland43.18
5Pete Davis41.71
6Neil Hardwick41.63
7Matthew York41.45
8Mark Hayford41.33
9Jon Kennett40.58
10Chris Bates40.58
11Jon White40.57
12Tony Burgess40.5
13Paul Burgess40.05
14David Willows40.04

Mmmm, suprised to see a small 5 x 10 sec PB improvement, especially as the water was NOT flat, very gusty winds and never really felt fully powered and wondered if I should have been on a 6.3m instead!!

Much better direction c/w yesterday. Good turn out for speedies, and I think all were happy with their speeds.

Great days sailing and learned a few things:)  


Well done Mark / Neil (and the rest of you who are yet to post, you know who you are !!)

Neil - great result on that 500m !!! 41.94 :-) F A S T !!

SUPER STOAKED with today smashed my pbs out the park , not a bad effort for a bloke with a stinking cold and bad back , the ac1 point 7 sail was beautiful not once did i feel over powered excerlent sail first time really on both the 5.6 and the isonic w44 , both were awesome ,it did take me a few runs to get settled but the numbers just kept going up  

Started off at 8.30am with the JP and a gusty, super broad wind making it hard to get above 43kt peaks. Pete D then lent me his Mistral (huge thanks Pete) so I could get some practice on it before Luderitz. Its a great board - super smooth and very fast. I was using all my kit for the first time today and it kept getting faster. I hooked one big gust that gave me the peak speed and it felt like there was more there for sure. Evo 5 was rock solid as was the fin. I feel ready! If I have one complaint on the day its Ian - I thought I have finally beaten the bugger but no - one hour later after I saw him jumping up and down with a PB. Maybe another time :-) congrats though Ian. Great to see everyone enjoying themselves with quite a lot of PBs I think - an awesome day!

actually on m,y 5.4 evo5 with the moo 20cm fin. tricky day for me, couldnt find a gust and couldnt break 42kts, seemed to always be underpowered?? scraped me fin and board, and lower batten pocket quite badly. we done to M York for beating his PB

Kirby was buzzing today, conditions looked excellent at times but you really had to pick your moment for that fast run, it needed more wind for a record 5 x average day but at least myself and Andy Holland smashed the same gust and both scored a massive PB. Problem was we could'nt do it again or get anywhere near it ,but I'm not complaining.

Had a 50.29 knot 1sec on the screen, never thought I would see that on British Waters.

47.27 Fastest ever 10 sec at West Kirby

46.92 Fastest ever 250 m at West Kirby

Some great PBs being had by  Will Trossell on his Luderitz bound equipment, good luck out there... 

Well to everyone with new PBs.... quite a few I think.

Good luck to Zara and all the Brits heading out to Lud.

Finally a big thanks to Cath Burgess who laid on loveley Chilli xx


First speedsailing session since last year after breaking my achillies tendon,, so I'm happy to get 40 knot averages...

Hi guys, great sailing there with you all and thanks to everyone for advice. I smashed my PBs got 40. 5 ave and 42.78 peak, but the bloody gt31 didn't save it to card :-((((( l'll work on it. 

@ Tony, I think I can solve your GT 31 problem, message me on here or FB

A few PB's but I WANT MORE!!!!

Great day at WK,good to get back on the speed kit.

Well done to every one who pb,looking forwards to the next time.

Thanks to Pete and Simon for the get photo's.

Well Done!! to all those who  got PBs, Petty pleased with my own 500m PB

Great to get some speed sailing in at Kirby and catch up with old friends. Didnt get as many runs in as we were there for some testing for Zara. Also great to see Will Trossell doing so well on my board great results. Next time he will have his own and I hope will be able to give him some competition.

My 1st posting and speed session at West Kirby. Learn a lot over the two days and can now retire as I hit 40 knot peak on the 2nd day. Very happy with this result and may have another go as i have got the bug!

Great days sailing, niote to uk sailers do not under any cercumstaces buy pouch is too small preeses on toggle switrch while sailing, and deletes most of your session 

Excellent result for every one, all over 40k averages and several PB's


Excellent work Jon, 40k average on your second outing, great skills:)


500m man of the day for Neil, nice one mate:)


Ian, Farrel, Jim, Andy and Will giving the rest of us a proper schooling, well done Ian on the 49.5k peak, I always new you were good for 50K:)


Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long for the next proper session.

Had to manually post, Gps didn't write to card So can't review my day, but still got history on unit. Excellent Days sailing.