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1Peter van Dijk37.91
2Pat Erauw19

Eind van de middag sessie bij de Oesterdam.

Jammer dat het net niet een paar uur eerder eb was. Tegen die tijd dat de zandbank vrij lag nam de wind iets en en kwam er meer oost in. De hoek was op zich perfect, maar hierdoor ontstonden er golfjes en was de baan aan de korte kant. Tevens was daardoor de 5.6 aan de kleine kant.

Maar al met al toch ff lekker gevaren.

An epic day was predicted: 35-50 kts all over the NL coastline, all day long... this is not my cup of tea (neither of many others). Also very little energy.. On top of that it was raining continuously with 8°C. But thanks to a stream of last-minute reportings from the seaside front, I did the half hour drive to the former homespot just to "look", 2hrs before dark. Two kitesurfers on small kits were busy, low tide... Looking became rigging and surfing... after some fiddling with wrong settings I managed to do 5 small runs before dark, gusty, unstable. Also the newhigher Kreekrak windmills create turbulence. During the last run the mast base popped out of the board, but I was within 2 min swimming distance of the shore, no big deal. Surely slowest Belgian of the day (like usual), but the half hour on the water and esp. dressing and undressing in the cold cleared the fog and work stress from my head :). Can't wait to read the other stories.