Results of the day
1Stephen Corps33.34
2Jim Crossley32.69
3Ian Richards31.47
4John Kennedy30.83
5Lee Spencer30.55
6Matthew York30.31
7Johnny Walker30.28
8Michael George29.99
9Antony Todd29.8
10Russ Clark29.16
11Mark Ingram29.14
12Simon Thompson28.65
13John Oliver28.59
14Bill Robinson28.24
15Phil Lewin27.49
16Norman Petty27.47
17Nic Dodd26.65
18Chris Pankhurst 24.16
19Andy Harris22.56

Very quick session, not enough wind to keep going for an hour, made it up the WSW course twice before they took the course down. Will be interested to see how I fare against the competitors as I did overtake quite a few who were hugging the shore where there was no wind.

i was out early and found the wind did almost a complete  washing machine cycle  so my direction kept changeing  , Very interesting  as weather goes ! one minute full on waves and chop  2 min later flat calm  

Kept changing up a size as wind was dropping  so three changes in all  found the  warp 6.2 knaff and i dont no why perhaps i was running the wrong way to stay out of the  speed boys and girls way  so changed up to x type 7.3 that was better but  so comfortable those warps  just long arms when you have finished  

very very busy as well  tube station job 

Not a great day out on the water today at Portland wind speed 15- 25 knts... the wind was a bit up and down, i was out on my 2013 Starboard Isonic 90 & SV Reflex 4 7.0. shoud have taken my 7.8 really..  

Weymouth speed week day 5...the windy day! 

Weymouth speed week day 5.


WSW, The 500m was done on the course so hopefully the Weymouth team will sort it out!

The windy day of speed week! Starting the day on my JP Speed 45 + 6.4m was a mistake and I missed a lot of good wind early on whilst, struggling to get up to speed before the start buoys.

After lunch things improved when I jumped on the 90L + 7.0m and got a couple of decent runs sailing broad into the harbour.

Currently placed 12th sailboard so not as bad as I had feared!

WSW Day 5

well big wednesday wasnt that big , all rigged 6,3 but should have been 7,plus . locals got the best of the runs , me i did sh-- 31st i think , had issues with my downhall rope it kept slipping and didnt realise till it was too late , next time check every thing 

WSW - Day 5

Day5 of WSW, I was late to get back down to Portland as it took over an hour to get through Salisbury so I was late to rig and get on the water which meant that I rushed and made a schoolboy error of using an untested boom only for the adjustable outhaul to slip on run after run so a lot of in water faffing around meant that I didn't make the most of the conditions that were there and then once I was dialled in I broke my mast out in the middle and had to be rescued. Still not a bad session but definitely not up to my normal Portland performance in the conditions.

Sunny and windy on a Wednesday, what a great day to be on the water and in the competition which I can highly reccomend as it really makes you focus!

Weymouth Speed week - Wednesday