Results of the day
1Lee Spencer33.73
2Pete Young32.37
3Matthew Spooner30.95
4Antony Todd29.72
5Chris Humphries29.09
6Marcus Stevens28.83
7Paul Arnold26.97
8Chris Pankhurst 25.4

Think thats the last time I can use that fin as someone reversed into the board and scraped it and the fin about 4 ft along the tarmac. Dived out of the van where I was getting changed as quick as I could, they saw me and accelerated away.

had some fun today but need a lower volume board with this type of  chop , almost  kiteing it and almost accident waiting to happen  but  controled fun  seemed to get very flat as i was coming on and wind changed down a gear for th best  ! 84 gibes  drr but want one to go down as low as 15 then im improving 

 Yea must be the last time  for that fin  Lea !  cant be any good now , arl test it if your dumpin it  ! !

another arm stretching quick session ( promised the wife i would see her this weekend) .

got to get me a wave board !!

Encouraged to do an Evening hour blast, as usual my team mate disappeared!

windybut tide too low to keep out of the waves 

Its been a great to see the wind back regularly allowing for some good blasting.

windy & choppy morning session at portland,  out on Starboard Isonic 90 & SV R4 5.6