Results of the day
1Anders Bringdal46.74
2Hans Kreisel46.25
3Jurjen van der Noord46.16
4Brad Anderson45.86
5Patrick Van Hoof45.79
6Dirk Jan Knol45.68
7Nick Vardalachos45.41
8Martyn Ogier45
9Manfred Merle43.66
10Anders Bjorkqvist43.62
11Daniel Borgelind42.96

Nice day  in luderitz , only we expected a littel more wind.blush

πειτε στο καριολη που εκανε τα βουντου για να μην βγαλει αερα....ο,τι ΟΚ πιασανε

 känndes riktigt bra i dag med alla moment !!men den riktiga vinden kom aldrig :( när ja var i barnan:)


Strange day. The wind was good early in the morning but died later in the morning. In the afternoon it got better. 5.6 was to small, the 6.2 would have been better. 


This could be the last day of the event. Let;s hope the forecast picks up again and we'll brake records, that what we're here for!

used both speedboards the 42 and 44.    Tested a lot off fins.    

after a long waiting, it seems to pick up. Even if the canal was all time low in water level, a lot of stoked guys where enjoying themself in the light wind around 14.00, like Spotty, Brad A, DIrk Jan, PatrickVdH. It was hard for all to make it to the end. But I had a feeling that the wind would pick up, I was surprised in my first run that it was that much wind, for a moment I think I was the fastest , but Jurgen came down with 47 on the GPS a me, after my fisrt 2 runs I did some extra downhaul and did my mest run of the day, so easy, but then it started to be more time between the gusts and a lot of rider had problems in the start, including myself, that missed two starts. It is a bit hard to wait for 35 minutes for the next run... Any way have a good feeling for the canal today, wish we had more wind and higher water level... It narrowest part was less than 2 meters today...

;) not one nice full gust for the 500 you had to be lucky. Still hoping fore some day with wind to come now we have to wait again pffff.                                                                                             Thanks to all my friends and sponsors:                                                                    , JP-Australia, Neilpryde, Z-fins, Jonkerfunsports Renesse who are helping making this all possible

Not enough wind today, Forecast again dissepointed us all.

Some hopes remain for next weekend but the curtain is closing fast at this years edition of the Luderitz speed challenge.

Such a pitty the wind have not played allong as I feel very good on my material. I am sure I am not the only one.

Fingers X-sed.

Mad to say it but todays session was a light wind session. Really gusty and I couldn't get going. Stayed on the 6.4 all day just to get into the course. A biiger board may of helped, the PD has slightly less volume than most were using and I'm bigger than most.

Still nice to get the 6.4 up to those speeds. 3 more knots and i would have been on the 5.8 and challeging.