Results of the day
1Pete Young35.04
2David Laird30.54
3Chris Pankhurst 26.11
4Scotty Stallman25.39
Great Xmas sail with Scotty and Tom thanks guys.

"your not going anywhere till youve done the peeling , so out came the peeling hands , 100 sprouts ,20 parsnips , 20 carrots , 20 large spuds ,  an im gone ,

perfect conditions , dead flat , tide perfect , wind strong ,not to cold but getting slowly colder , bad effort , the warp today pulled like hell started on a 125 then nackered meself couldnt be bothered to drop to 110 but did for 4 runs wind still increasing , ( amazing change for the better but need a 80 liter or theres going to be more rib brakes soon ) overall nice meeting  as with pete :

Nailed by the first squall!, great session afterwards with Pete and Tom. Merry Christmas everybody.

Really nice sail , flat water and sunshine. Did have to stop for a while to thaw my fingers but the suffering was well worth it. Good appetite builder for forthcoming feasting!