Results of the day
1Jim Crossley33.58
2Robin Russell30.83
3Rob King30.5
4Matthew Spooner30.21
5Neil Hackett29.14
6Paul Arnold28.76
7Scotty Stallman26.54

A little nervous about going out until some other people turned up!

Gusty day, nice and flat in by the beach. Wind angle OK but could have been better.

Pleased to have managed a new peak speed!

Super windy in the harbour, 3.7m all day, managed to miss the giant squall, thankfully!! looking forward to seeing everyones results - fingers crossed!! Scotty

new mast and sail please.should have worked on the house instead.

poor effort from me couple more runs would have done i think ,but super gusty one min then not enough then full power  .

then a squall come through luckly i was just touching bottom and managed to get in 

not my cup of tea

hats off to scotty putting in those sort of km in those conditions well done

Gusty as hell