Results of the day
1Serge Beumer40.15
2Jurjen van der Noord39.96
3Dylan de Jong39.58
4Hendrik de Jong39.38
5Jacques van der Hout39.19
6Gerlof Hansma38.44
7Johan Huitema38.2
8Sander van Huizen37.3
9Anne Evert van der Veen34.35
10Anton J. Geesink33.83

Yeahhhhh...first session of 2014 is a fact!! What a day, I just hear it's the warmest 3rd of January since 1901!!!! Great day to go for a speedsailing session. Unfortunately the predictions were not met by far, but hey, blue skies, sunshine and 10-11 degrees Celcius is nothing to complain about at tghis time of year. I wanted to rigg 6.3 when I arrived but the others were convinced the wind would pick didn't, but we were all on 5.5-5.8 sails so everybody had to make the best of it. 

I used the mXr Love Machine 42 to see how it would do at this spot with the run up in chop as usual and I'm really happy with how it performed, even though for sure the 44 would be the better size (actually 49-54 cm wide boards and 6.3-7.0 sails) in this light wind, but it is good to see where the lower limits are for a given board. I used the UFO ASY HA ST Carbon 20cm for the first time. The fin felt solid as a rock. This is not a lifting fin as the lay-up is not for lift, so I'm especially happy with this light wind result and once Chris tweaks the lay-up for lift I feel we can easily gain a knot in these conditions. I have no bigger size with me so could not try bigger sizes. 

Winter is not so bad when it's like this....




Perfect wind forecast, perfect low tide. When we started the session, sunny, 11 degrees, perfect.

Was not in a hurry in the beginning because this must be a record day later around low tide.

My first 2 runs turned out to be my best runs of the day, after this wind decreased, clouds came in and it was not possble anymore (with my fat oil bal Christmas body) to get some speeds out of my small equipment. Next time better. 

Nice speeds by some of the other guys, well done.

Er zit in een jaar altijd wel een matige Brace sessie. Je kunt um maar alvast gehad hebben..

Het is niet de dag geworden die ik ervan had verwacht, de wind nam helaas in 1 keer af. Set was veel te klein, nog even de ultra 23 eronder gehad, maar de wind was al zo weinig geworden dat ik hier ook geen betere tijden mee wist te behalen.

heerlijk weer, alles tip top om snel te kunnen varen op de voorspelde wind na.  die bleek helaas niet te komen.  jammer van de reis en wandeltocht

3 January and already the first session of 2014. Nice! I love this winter, let it stay like this.yes The forecast was good the tide was perfect so I thought mayby I can smash my PR..... but it was not one of the day's. Next time more luck.


Not so much wind, but a great beginning of 2014!!

Sessie 2: de verwachtingen waren hoog gespannen, zeker na de eerste twee runs (de combi loopt als een tierelier!), helaas stond er te weinig wind voor een echte topsessie. Toch een mooie run! Met z'n vijfen ff nagenoten bij de Zingende wielen!

de kop is er weer af, lekkere snitzel met paddo's na de tijd.