Results of the day
1Tony Burgess38.42
2Matthew York38.06
3Tristan Haskins37.43

Good angle, pretty well oure S'ly. Just needed a bit more wind ot make it real light up !!

More deepest sympathy goes to Andy Holland - 2 x masts and 1 x NOSE !!!

 A good day on the bank, big tide and southerly, good for port tack. really pleased to get 40+ on home turf, also my 2nd best averages, I wiped out at over 38knots and planed on my back for a while thankfully nothing damaged but took the edge of it for me and speeds dropped alot after that so called it a day.

 Well done tris on top speed of the day. What a crap birthday for andy holland he broke 2 masts, 1 sail, cut his nose badly and all for 1 run! Great to see Matt here again hope the video came out ok. Not as cold as I thought it would be for 6c, encouraging for a winter trip to da kirb, i hate the cold!! 


Wow ! Well done Tony. Great average !!! Can't wait for next WK road trip :-)

fantastic day at sunny hunstanton , great to sail with the east coast possie again , happy birthdy to andy holland shame his birthday pressent cost him 2 masts 1 sail and lots of blood ..hes ok though .

spot pb for me at hunny 40.58 max 2 sec 

and in the sun to in feb