Results of the day
1Bjorn Dunkerbeck40.06
2Jurjen van der Noord39.1
3Anders Bringdal38.87
4Bjorn Dunkerbeck38.73
5Jurjen van der Noord38.55
6Dylan de Jong38.54
7Dylan de Jong38.1
8Serge Beumer37.93
9Minos Efstathiadis37.51
10Bjorn Dunkerbeck37.35
11Anders Bringdal37.24
12Anders Bringdal36.92
13Serge Beumer36.75
14Serge Beumer36.74
15Peter Pfaffenbichler36.6
16Will Trossell36.22
17Gerarld Berger35.83
18Dylan de Jong35.7
19Minos Efstathiadis35.39
20Peter Pfaffenbichler35.37
21Julien Bru35.27
22Minos Efstathiadis34.94
23Julien Bru34.56
24Dylan de Jong34.49
25Julien Bru34.31
26Philippe Bru34.13
27Adam Goralszky34.07
28Serge Beumer33.87
29Aleksandr Polyvanov33.73
30Polyvanov Oleksandr33.73
31Gerarld Berger33.72
32Peter Pfaffenbichler33.68
33Mattia Mojoli33.54
34Philippe Bru33.53
35Philippe Bru32.96
36Günter Jansen32.8
37Mattia Mojoli31.91
38Eugen Dunkerbeck28.94
39Anne Schindler28.8
40Eugen Dunkerbeck26.77
41Eugen Dunkerbeck26.5
42Anne Schindler23.6
43Anne Schindler23.39
44Liam Dunkerbeck20.26
45Liam Dunkerbeck17.94
46Liam Dunkerbeck17.3

Lauf 1, 2 und 3 bei der Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge. Grüße nach Ool:Günter

Grandpa and son Dunkerbeck in the same ranking.

The windiest race so far, a real pity that i didnt use my 6.3 and my 51 board (SG was surfing on them....)

Day 2 of comp and 3 full on races all day in windy conditions. The JP 55 felt great for me on the 6.4 and my speeds were competitive. I did try the JP45 using a slingshot 21 but it was always hard getting back to the start of the run. The run up to the start was very gusty due to a small cliff (aparently similar to Kapathos) which meant small kit was hard work.

2nd day of racing of the 2014 Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge at Matas Blancas, Fuerteventura. 

mXr Love Machine 49 with mXr UFO HA asy fin and 2013 Loft Racing Blade the whole day. A 5th spot in heat 4 and a 4th in the most windy 5th heat. Another 4th in a bit less wind after heat 6. Anders was saiing better results so I dropped 1 spot in the overall ranking after day 2. Still not bad so the goal was to at least maintain this position until the end of the event,