Results of the day
1Ian Richards43.12
2Michael George40.74

After 3 months only sailing my biggest slalom kit and despite this being my first speed session of 2014, I still managed a few PBs today... 10s run, 5x10s avg and 250m. It was very windy as we finished rigging but the wind almost disappeared as we got changed. The first 10 minutes sailing were pretty light and we were thinking we'd missed it but the wind came through and we got about 90 minutes of great conditions on the east course. I felt like I was getting the hang of things when the wind started to drop and we began the long walk back to the vans. Well chuffed with the 10s and 250m results... I just need to do more of them in succession!

Wind filled in just for us, blooming awesome.

PB 500m with the JP45 first session..and pb spot average ...well impressed with the board. 

some nice pbs from Mike as well... 2 happy speedies