Results of the day
1Ian Richards34.15
2Antony Todd32.2
3John Kennedy28.75

Started out the session on 107 & 7.1 but the wind increased, so decided to go rig 6.4 & 54 speed.. but as soon as i came back out on the water the wind dropped and so then spent most of the day swimming in Langstone Harbour, Nice!

Not a great day but got on a few reasonable gusts.Nice to see Ant and John drop in.

The GDSF makes Portland a no go for me this weekend so instead of taking lots of trffic pain I headed to Hayling Island, launched with 76.0 and 116 from behind Esso and the wind had a lot of West in it but mot very powerful, freeriders were on 4.5 to 5.8 and claiming they were stacked whilst sailing in the duckpond in front of the beach???????

I got out of the duckpond quick in case the lack of balls was catching and headed up wind away from the shore and could see 2 sails in the distance so went to see who was playing and it was Ant and Ian which was great. The wind was a bit shifty and iffy so I stuck with the big setup whilst Ant and Ian went smaller, they clearly had a speed edge but I was just enjoying planing all the time. Nice location if you look at the track it has potential in the right direction and I was talking to a Freestyler who told me about another location towards the harbour mouth that might be even better.

By the time I got back to Esso every car that had been there when I left had gone and was replaced by new ones which shows there are still a lot of windsmurfers out there oh and zero kites! lovely!