Results of the day
1Simon Pettifer34.39
2Lee Spencer33.26
3Scotty Stallman30.52
4Paul Arnold28.58
5Chris Pankhurst 23.77

I paid the price for yesterdays pleasure with a lot of pain in my elbow last night and this morning so gave hte big winds a least so I thought.

Wind dropped to low-mid 20's so I rigged up my 7.3 and went out, ignorance is bliss....just got a PB on my 7.3 I think from the first run at low tide across the chop. Second was similar, then I could hardly hold the boom so kept going for a few more runs and came home..

Very well done to Scotty I believe.

just another couple of runs befor the wind dropped would have done it , bugger

 wind was short lived but had a down size taste of the roast  turkey  before the plate was swiped from under my nose, and cause i got there a little late what was left of the turkey was cold  !