Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout42.79
2Antony Todd40.74
3Jim Crossley40.7
4Wouter de Vries39.49
5Matthew York36

Forecast was a joke again, keeps on being hard to predict anything this year. Should have taken the bigger gear in the first place, by time i did the wind died completely. We knew the angle was a gamble but never thought it would be this light. 

Next one please! angry

Based on the forecast we expected more wind then anywhere else in NW europe today.

The WSW direction was not a surprice, still possible to sail 45 or 46 average as long as you have wind in your sail. Tomorrow morning we try again, hopefully with more W direction and much more wind.

well at least it was sunny :) ......

not much wind 

very square 

bit disapointing really

still it was flat 

not much i can say really , still good to be out and mixing with the boys ,till next time 

Dissapointing day the wind that was forecast did not come through.. 

Square day at WK...playing with different boards...just noticed PB Alpha!!!