Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout46.23
2Jim Crossley44.67
3Ian Richards44.57
4Antony Todd44.04
5Wouter de Vries43.67
6Mark Hayford35.14

This morning we got the session we came for. Was 2 years ago i sailed at West Kirby for the last time, this kind of conditions are very special at this place and it doesn't happen so much.

We started at 8 am and wanted (as forecast was decreasing wind anyway) to leave around 11 am to catch the early train at eurotunnel to be back on time. When i derigged the best wind came in;-(, so higher average and spot record was for sure possible this morning. 

Nice short session, too bad we had to leave, just got in the groove...

Great couple of days speedsailing at West Kirby. it was nice to see all the boys and Jacques and Wouter who had made the trip over from Holland. it was a shame the wind did not really come through on the first day but today definatley made up for it.  

Everything was good for me today my 5.0m evo felt awesome..  Speeds seemed really easy to get and i couldnt beleive the numbers on my GPS after the first run 45.99 peak & 44 10 sec, then i couldnt get back to the start of the course quick enough to make another run. i think if we had rigged and got out a bit earlier a higher average speed could have been had for sure. 

Super happy with my pb's. 

45 average was there today, just a bit late on the water after last nights curry and kipping in the van, still a buzzing sesh with Ant, Leigh and Jim and the Dutchies...Congrats to Ant for massive pb and Leigh for holding onto a 5.7!

Stoked with my 500 PB,  just a bit behind Jacques ... not bad for an ol man lol

Oh yeah not one Slingshot into the deep classic style only haha

The second day at WK.  Not the best start to the day with a 2 hour oversleep!  the first time I'd slept till 8.30 since before I has children 4 years ago!  By the time I got on the water at 9.30 everybody had alreay nailed their fasted runs for the day.  Spent the rest of the day playing catchup but you can't those runs back or make it blow harder.

Spent time trying different boards including Fanatic 44, Custom Moo 42.

Disappointing afternoon session. Had to miss the strong morning winds due to work commitments. Got on the water around lunch time when most where finishing, nit a good sign! The 5.7m seemed about right when rigging up, but the wind dropped off loads as soon as I got on the water. 6.3m would have been a bit better, even a 7m at times would have been best. Only just managed to get 6 or 7 "underpowered" runs in before the wind completely died off and I could not even get going. Only posting this puss poor session to help with me elevated ranking. Probably would have had more fun just blasting on my iS107 and 7m, just wasn't speed winds left for me:) Hopefully 2015 will produce more slalom and speed sessions than 2014 did!