Results of the day
1Pete Young36.66
2Jim Crossley34.9
3Stephen Corps34.02
4Adam Gustafsson32.73
5Lee Spencer32.69
6Mark Matthews32.32
7David Laird30.55
8Paul Arnold29.81
9Scotty Stallman29.69
10Shemi Adams29.47
11Duncan Adam29.27
12Chris Pankhurst 26.3

all my boards seem to have lost 10litres volume......;)

Great to be out on New years day. Good speeds and winds for all you speedies out there.

First sail of the year, a bit ill but a start.

recon my speed will be calculated on land soon  no more runway  but  alpha   goin  in  is   SS enterprise  warp speed  , cob web cleaning day HAPPY NEW YEAR

New Year's Day sail,great to actually sail with Adam. Had a very hungover session this morning by the time I got myself together and the wind filled a bit more I had to go. Happy new year to all.

first of the year may it continue , happy new year all 

Nice New Year's Day, but aching head!

nice session to open the new year

shame i hade to go whan the wind properly picket up

Good year opener. My session ended with a mega calf cramp - time for a resolution perhaps....


Haven't sailed here for years but the forecast looked decent and had a last day of hols to get out sailing.

Good to meet Mark, who was up early and sailing well despite a hangover.

6.2 Was too small sailing down the course which itself was too broad, felt like holding onto an old sack sailing downwind. My arms cramped up in the afternoon and I couldn't hold onto the boom anymore which wasn't ideal since the tide had come in and it was too deep to stop for a rest! Well done to all the locals on their speeds, especially Pete for an amazing average given that the conditions were quite limp, I need some tips!!

Well worth paying the launch fee for the hot shower after sailing although the drive back was hideous. Happy new Year!