Results of the day
1Andy Holland34.61
2Alex Bennett-Baggs32.02

Nice sail at Wells,very square but the sun was out.

nice day but dissapointing speeds, interesting day - started off with what i thought was my 3rd skunking in a row - out of 3 speedies one bailed (tony) and i think andy h probably would of followed if it wasnt for my enthusiastic optimism,wind built during the day and the best opportunity to score was at the end of the session and as usual i was knackered by then,

what was interesting is a few weeks back almost identical conditions i was on 5.8 and sp50 was hitting 35kt with ease and 33 odd average, i found it too easy and noted that the 6,6 and smaller board may of scored higher speeds....well today threw that out, maybe i wasnt quite running enough downhaul - i think the fin was a touch too small as some runs when the gusts hit i was aware i wasnt translating into speed and could feel it - gutted i trashed my trusty ka sym 23 as i recon that would of helped, not that convinced in the mxr it went a few times without warning going back, to be fair it didnt on the runs but always felt like i wanted my 23

thanks andy on noting my bad stance looking forward to seeing photos so i can rip myself apart!

conclusion, if it of been w/wnw as forecast im sure the set up would of seen better speeds (and given andy a run ;) but should of either run the 5.8 or sp50 with a bigger/straighter fin

oh and great fun seeing/dodging seals!