Results of the day
1Ian Richards43.25
2Antony Todd42.27
3Michael George40.91
4Mark Hayford36.5
5Rob Morgan28.64

 low wind forecast for West Kirby today, but it turned out to be a nice session..

Met up with Mike and Ant all super keen to smash it but  early conditions were shite. The wind changed direction slightly more square and speeds went up for an hour or so. then the wind eased down and that was that.....

So never a PB day but the company of Ant and Mike made it a fun day... roll on the next one.

Nice little light wind speed session. Got down late and nearly didn't bother rigging as the wind was dropping off. Ian, Ant and Mike had been out on 5m's for the stronger morning winds, but they were de-rigging when me and Pete finally decided to rig up. Opted to go with a 7m and the big W58 as the wind had dropped to around 20k wnw, could easily have taken the 7.8m but thought the wind might return, it didn't! Managed to only get about 15 runs in before the wind fully died off. All runs were 36k 10 sec so pleased with that for the light conditions.

Nice start to the year. A bonus speed session which was a very last minute decision... mainly thanks to Ian and Ant for calling me last night and suggesting I join them today.

It was an early start... waking up at 2am (Ian texting me, lol) and leaving the house at 3am after a final check of the forecasts. I arrived at WK just before 7am and we were on the water around 8.30am. We sailed up until 12.30 so it was the best part of four hours sailing / walking / waiting.

I was struggling to get high speeds today, especially early in the session and I wonder whether my 5.1 would have been a better choice for the day. My 4 fastest runs were all back to back when the wind picked up and the angle was quite broad. Most of my 10s runs were within a knot of the peak speed which shows some consistency.

Still a good decent result for me and a chance to get some additional practice. Let's hope that 2015 is a good year for speed!