Results of the day
1Jim Crossley39.75
2Antony Todd38.18

Great of Bob to show me his local spot.  The wind didn't come to the party so it was a sink and swim.... but it was interesting to give the spot a go.  It has potential to be really fast when the direction is a bit more NW.  Good to have a place like this not so far from home and I will be watching the forcast  looking fwd to going back.

Bonus session today at Kingsbridge Esturay Devon.. Nice to try out a new spot that looks like it has good potential on a good forecast with super flat water. I arrived a bit late as the wind was dropping off so only managed a couple of 43 peaks and low avrage speed.

The walk out is a killer and even worse on the way back in knee deep mud. would prefer the walk out at southend any day ;)