Results of the day
1Ian Richards41.16
2Tony Burgess38.63
3Mark Hayford27.53

Was in no fit state to drive home last night so kipped in a freezing van and then froze solid on the water today. No wind but quite a good tuning session.

 A sleepless night going over and over things.

  I rigged the 5.7 with proper out haul this time! first run felt so much better with the sail rigged more like it should be, it was far more stable and grunty, (thanks Andy for pointing that out yesterday) also was faster than yesterday with lighter winds, followed by another faster run, then another at 41.7 peak. so things were looking good. . . .  unfortunatley the wind was easing off and backing more westerly so that was that for fast speeds. But I carried on working on my stance and getting familiar with the wall and best of all having fun. If it hadn't been so cold I would have rigged bigger and stayed. I think if the wind had stayed I would be looking at a pb, but we all say that ! !

  A good weekend trip to Kirby and lots of food for thought on how to improve, also helped heaps to see photos and video of my efforts compared to others, Thanks to Micheal and Zara / Pete for those. 

Forgot to upload this session. Got skunked, wind dropped.