Results of the day
1Alex van der Meer40.28
2Benjamin Verdin38.36
3Patrick Driesen36.72
4Gerwin Slingerland34.43
5Marco Smeele31.68
6Robin Blondeel27.87

Difficult choice. Strand Horst probably too low water level. Low tide at homespot (Oesterdam) too late. Den Osse, no candidates and offshore decreasing winds...

Tested this spot, but was not at ease at all in the beginning. The inner dam was completely submerged and there was not much of an angle, so you had to bear off to have some descent runs.

Lost a bit of time due to incorrect trim: trimmed it for low wind (as it was while rigging), but another extra cm downhaul and mast 2cm to the front kept evt well balanced.

Too bad the angle was not 15-20° more south. It could have been much faster. But no complaints. Coming from the water at 10am with 70+ avg and a 78.01 max on the dial isn't bad offcourse. Not bad on my F51 :-) 

When Alex stopped, he took the wind with him: game over, windshift and going home. Now it's blowing again here at home !!

Hard work and pure pleasure. Pushing for 80 but too square.

het water op met de f2 missile en 5.7 binnen een half uur wind weg en terug lopen,groter spul opgezet

en toch nog wat km gemaakt met Robin Blondeel

Wat is dat Alex achter de dammetjes ??

te laat om te speeden, net opgetuigd en op water toen de wind wegviel! terug wandelen en 6,3 met 110L genomen. Samen met Marco nog wat rond hompelvoet en zonnemaire buitendammetjes gevaren. 

Bedankt Patrick De Poorter voor het uitlezen van men file!