Results of the day
1Vincent Valkenaers42.21
2Hans Kreisel41.98
3Jacques van der Hout39.92
4Antony Todd39.71
5Patrick Oberlender37.06
6Sam Hunt34.4
7Arjan Kalis33.14

Weekend trip to La Franqui with boys. First time with Evo7, have to say the most beautifull sail i ever sailed with. The wind didn't kick in and was super underpowered with this set, so decided to quit at 16pm. And by the time i was out of my wetsuit it started to blow. Couldn't find motivation to jump again in my wet wetsuit. Vincent and Hans sailed until darkness and had some nice speeds. My gamble is on tomorrow. 

Again a nice session!

not super strong winds.... only the last 30minutes it was nice and flat.

todays training was slingshot runs ... later it was ok and i found a nice trimm

hoefully tomorrow windyyyy and maybe pb day ....

Day full of bad decisions. Allmost all the day i was underpowerd on 5,8 smashed into the shore my second run losing my new Mauijim sunglasses f*]%<]<>\^]¥ and breaking some other stuff. So finally i decided to take 6,4 and 50 speed and then the wind kicked in. Had a hard time closing the gap and finding the flat spots. Made run 3/4/5 with it. When i saw Vinnie flying on the 45 decided to try the 6,4 with the 45 and it worked pretty nice made run 1 and 2 with that but then it became to dark to see the incoming swell and decided to stop. Respect for Vincent his speeds he's getting faster with the day

third speed day for me ever ... feeling better from day to day

second day at la franquai and 5.4 to 5.0weather was exspected. 

it was my first time on the jp 49 with a 23.5 black project x 40 and my evo 5 5.4.

fot the majority of the time i waa a litle underpowered but was enjoying getting used to the board.

looking forward to a less square and more widy day tomorrow and hoping to get close to break 40knots 


fingers crossed 

Nice to be back in La franqui, even though the sun is out its very cold around 6c plus wind chill..  The conditions were pretty tough today with rolling waves and very busy..  i spent most of the day underpowered on JP 45 & 5.4 and should have really gone in and rigged a bigger sail but decided to stick with it. The wind did pick up towards the end of the day so managed to get a couple of decent runs in.  

Hopefully tomorrow the conditions will be better for some goods speeds. 

wat een dag begonne met volle moed begonne maar de wind kawam niet door heel de dag lope zwemme en klote dan uiteindelijk toch beslote om de 7.0 op tetuigen na een ^paaar runs begon het te waaien eindelijk snel mijn jp 45 genome en nog een paar runnetjes zetten spijtig dat het zo laat was alle energie was zo goed als op ni super controle meer maar dn 2 goede runs en dacht ja nu moet ik er toch nog 2 haha gdn en gestopt net optijd denk ik anders had er wat materiaal gesneuveld geweest 

lekker om eens voor hans en jacq te staan dat doen er niet veel hopelijk morge minder golve en beter wind heb er zin in 

en de evo 7 zien er egt zo nice uit en vare ook heerlijk verry happy :p