Results of the day
1Ian Richards44.01
2Antony Todd43.83
3Steve Thorp42.58

Nice craic with Steve and Ant, not very windy, just a few gusts in the snow squalls, hot shower was awesome.

last minute decison to go to west kirby as the forecast looked a bit light, but all in all a good fun day with Ian and Steve

Really enjoyable day at West Kirby, forecast looked a bit ming but actually turned out really nice weather. Only 3 of us out and looks like I came last to the ever improving Ian and Anthony who were having a very close battle. I did manage one 45.3 10 sec run so not completely smoked! 
I'd say I needed more wind but those boys were on 5 0 again..
Great fun day with good company and friendly competition. 

Epic 500 for WK  Mr. T yes